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Mini-Masterclass/Book Writing Consult Session

Are you ready to flesh out your book idea with the help of a professional?

If you landed on this page, you most likely have a book inside of you that is waiting to get out on paper. 

I'm here to help. 

This mini-masterclass is perfect if you are ready to begin writing your book!
(If you have already written your book and need help with query letters or proposals, please click here).

In this one-on-one mini masterclass/consult session, we will discuss topics that will help you get the book ideas in your head finally down on paper. You will leave the session with a solid plan, a roadmap to the book-writing process, and a better understanding of traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing differences. 

I've worked in the publishing industry for over a decade, first as a ghostwriter and assistant to a literary agent. Soon after, I self-published my first nonfiction book and followed this up a few years later with a traditionally published memoir/cookbook. From there, I became a literary agent, book coach, and teacher of memoir, nonfiction, query letters, and book proposals.

Today, I get to watch my clients - of all writing levels - accomplish their goal of writing a book!

What happens during our 1.5 hour Zoom session?

  • We will discuss your book ideas to discover which is the most viable

  • I will explain what your book needs vs. what can be cut to hook your audience 

  • We will take a closer look at my brain dump/mapping method to help you solidify what
    content belongs in each chapter

  • We will discuss themes, word counts, and how to make your book stand out
    from what is currently on store shelves

  • Together, we will examine the frustrating topic of an author's platform

  • I'll also briefly introduce you to endorsements, book launches, etc. 

  • Plus, we will flesh out which publishing route is best for you

  • And last, we will finish with a Q & A session for you to feel empowered and ready to embark on your next steps

Ready to start your book writing journey?

I'm offering a  limited-time discount in collaboration with the Uptime App. Schedule your class below!

Why work with me?


December 9, 2023
1:00 - 2:30PM EST



1.5  Hours

Was $349

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