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Book Writing & Coaching Packages

Don't Walk the Journey Alone

The truth is, if sitting down and writing a book (or publishing it) was an easy task, everyone would be doing it. There would be no questions, frustrations, writers block, etc. But writing and selling a book (or proposal or query letter) can be challenging. And just like a physical trainer can help someone meet their fitness and health goals, a book coach can help you write and sell the book you’ve always dreamed about.


Many people ask if working with a book coach is right for them and I think the best place to start with answering this question is understanding what role a book coach will play in your writing.


A book coach:


  • Acts as your accountability partner, cheerleader, project manager, teacher, counselor and so much more.

  • Can you help you create an outline and road map for your project so you can stick to the goal with as few distractions as possible.

  • Assist you in working through challenges that slow down your process.

  • Can assist you with structure, voice, and content issues.

  • Helps you understand what makes a book viable, if your ultimate goal is to sell it.

  • Provides creative feedback and ensures you are on the right track to a solid draft.

  • Offers an expert’s eye on your manuscript or document you are creating, helping you fine-tune it when needed.

  • Provides all the help you need to make your book journey far more enjoyable with as little stress as possible!

Discover all of our book coaching packages below or reach out to have a tailored package created for your needs!



Feeling stuck? Need help working through an area of your manuscript, or perhaps you want to bounce off ideas before writing to see which idea would create the most viable book?


A la carte book coach sessions are here for you whenever you need them and don’t tie you into a long-term, more rigorous deadline focused commitment. You get the help you need in the moment, to work through your current pain point. 




Whether you are working on a fiction or nonfiction manuscript (or query and proposal), this package offers a 60 minute Zoom or phone meeting to begin with, and two touch points/deadlines per month in the form of 45 minute Zoom/phone calls. I will review up to 10 pages of content before each call (must be sent at least three days prior to our call). 

Depending on what you need, coaching during these sessions may come in the form of:

  • Accountability

  • Brainstorming

  • Structural/content suggestions

  • Working through writers block or challenges that are slowing you down

  • Helping you outline chapters, book mapping, or fleshing out characters

  • Fleshing out the direction of your story

  • Helping you stick to a writing schedule

  • Working through your creation  of a book proposal/query

  • and so much more 

This is our most popular package because it allows you to take advantage of a wide variety of coaching techniques and options,  depending on what you are needing in that moment.

Please note: This package involves a commitment of at least three months and two Zoom calls per month. If you miss a Zoom call and cannot reschedule, it does not roll over (unless there is a serious family or medical emergency). Three months allows us to build momentum and make progress on your manuscript. 


($500 PER MONTH)




If you are serious about getting the first 100 pages of your manuscript complete, this is the package for you. This package involves an initial 2-hour Zoom or phone meeting, two touchpoints per month via Zoom/phone at 75 minutes each, and multiple deadlines per month to ensure you are making adequate progress.


This package begins with a 120 minute introduction, brainstorming, outlining and action plan meeting to help get you started. Once our coaching has begun, I will review up to 15 pages of material before each biweekly Zoom/phone call (this material must be emailed to me at least three days prior to our call).


This high touch package provides the accountability, knowledge and cheerleading you need to work through those first 100 pages. We will brainstorm throughout our time together, as well as flesh out the direction of your story and ensure it is following the outline we set in place. I will also provide editorial, structural, content  and voice suggestions as you progress with your pages.


Please note: This package is a five month intensive with multiple writing deadlines. It also includes two 75 minute Zoom or phone calls per month. If you miss a call, they do not roll over (unless it is  due to a serious medical or family emergency).


$1,000 PER MONTH


Everyone has different book writing/coaching needs, time availabilities and budget. I am happy to create a tailored book coaching package for you based on your book writing and/or publishing needs.


Reach out to me and let's get you moving forward on your book baby dreams!




to suit you

Schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation call now to learn more about any of our masterclasses or services.

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