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Bearded Lady

Forthcoming from Woodhall Press, from author and client Allison Landa

"Marisa makes magic. There's really no other way to put it. She turned a 15-year dream into a reality, and as a result my memoir is seeing print. You won't find a more spirited champion of your story, nor will you run into a more powerful advocate for your voice. I absolutely recommend working with her."


Available now from author, J. Reese Bradley

I cherish my time with Marisa. She is so much more than a literary agent to her clients. She not only represents them but walks with them hand-in-hand through the grueling journey of submission. If you get a book deal, you know it was because of her. If you don't, you know it wasn't because she didn't fight for it. Marisa is the gold standard in agenting.

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Marisa is incredibly gifted in her ability to coach a client through the process of writing a query letter and book proposal. When Marisa and I connected, I was feeling stalled after writing my book proposal and unsure about what next steps to take. I wasn’t making an effort to send out query letters, nor did I truly know what a proper one should look like.

She broke down a query letter step by step and had the tools to show me personal examples, which made it much simpler to understand. By explaining, paragraph by paragraph and sentence by sentence, the order and information that was required in a good query letter; I had very clear direction and confidence in writing one. I went from little to no responses to my limited queries to at least 50% of queries responding to me and I couldn’t have done that without Marisa’s expertise.

She also helped me revamp and, in some cases, completely rewrite my book proposal, in a way that I felt much better represented myself and my book. Marisa is patient, kind, very detailed, honest, and encouraging. She truly walks you through the process from start to finish, which is a tremendous value to a first-time author particularly. I highly recommend Marisa to anyone who is considering her as a coach or an agent.”

Tabitha Yates - Influencer, currently querying The Church and The Depressed Christian



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